DSP's Brother Following Dad's Route!

DSP's Brother Following Dad's Route!

Every technician wants to taste the other craft at some point of time and that frequently happens in Film Industry. Directors turn actors, cinematographer turn directors, singer turn composers and many. Here, this singer is, however, turning into a writer and his first project is here.

Popular composer Devi Sri Prasad's brother, singer Sagar has turned to write dialogues and he is making his debut with Rakshasudu movie. Other day at the pre-release event of the movie, Sagar felt quite excited about this new role as he has watched the Tamil movie and wrote Telugu version dialogues for the same.

As their father Satyamurthy happens to be a very talented writer, definitely that art would have come a bit easy for both the brothers. Both DSP and Sagar wrote lyrics for many songs, while Sagar also sang many hit songs composed by his brother for top stars. And now, he is wearing the cap of dialogue writer.

What is to be seen here is, not many sons of popular writers have actually succeeded as writers in Telugu Film Industry. Let us see what is in store for Sagar, as Bellamkonda Sai Rakshasudu is hitting cinemas this Friday.

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