Lesbian Couple Of India-Pak Sets Internet On Fire

The very love story of an Indian and Pakistani itself gives aggression to many people on both sides of the border. And if that is a Hindu-Muslim love story, then surely it is gonna fire up many big debates. What if they are a Hindu and Muslim, Indian and Pakistani, and both are girls? That's what happened now.

While gay relations on recently made legal in India, Pakistan treats that as blasphemy owing to their Islamic constitution. But that doesn't deter Anjali Chakra from India and Sundas Malik from Pakistan from involving romantically and flaunting their relationship to the world. The two currently live in New York and their romantic photos are setting the internet on fire.

In one set of the pictures, Anjali and Sundas are seen getting cosy under a transparent umbrella as the rainy New York weather formed a romantic backdrop. In another one, they two are seen locking the lips and flaunting their love to the world. Dressed in an ethnic ensemble, they stood like perfect brand ambassadors of love from sub-continent.