Rakshasudu Will Prove Them Wrong

Rakshasudu Will Prove Them Wrong

Right from his acting debut in lavishly shot Alludu Seenu, Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas is branded for commercial films. He has been doing larger-than-life roles in almost all his films. However, he seems to have changed his approach with films like Seeta and Rakshasudu where he tries to play author-backed roles.

In a candid chat, Sreenivas opens up about his acting career spanning over 5 years and his future plans.  He talks about playing a honest cop in Rakshasudu, a psychological thriller, which is all set for release tomorrow.


I'm very chilled person by nature and usually never carry my work to home. But the role I played in Rakshasudu was so influencing that I couldn't get out of the character even after going home from the shoot. Right from the first day of the shoot, we maintained the emotions right on the set in order to get the film right. This character is very challenging role for me and it has taught me so much. It pushed my boundaries as an actor both physically and mentally. This role has given me a lot of confidence and from now on wards, I'd like to do more content-driven movies which makes audiences think.


Like in everyone's career, I too had flops. But many had written me off.  Rakshasudu will prove them wrong. I'll make a comeback with a bang. The film has shaped up so well. After acting for five years, I wish to do different roles and different cinema. I'll be more choosy from now on wards and will attempt roles that keep challenging my acting skills.

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