#BiggBoss03: Open Nominations Create A Furore

#BiggBoss03: Open Nominations Create A Furore

Every contestant is asked to nominate two others openly, by stamping the 'nominate' text on their face with the rubber stamp given. And that has led to a complete burst out from the contestants as they started alleging two others before nominating them.

Sreemukhi stressed on Vithika's negativity, Rahul Sipliganj pointed out Ali Reza's arrogance, Vithika made Baba Bhaskar scapegoat for Jaffer's comments, Himaja showed finger at Punarnavi's attitude, Varun Sandesh accused that Sreemukhi started groups in the house

Baba Bhaskar pointed out that both Vithka and Punarnavi changed characters inside the house down the timeline, Ravi Krishna marked Tamanna for her chameleon like behaviour.  Ali Reza also joined Ravi in blasting Tamanna.

Later Tamanna blasted Ravi for nominating her and Rohini shot back at her for behaving aggressively and arrogantly inside the Bigg Boss house. Later Punarnvi fired her heart out saying, "I'm not able to mentally survive in this house as many contestants are not able to cope up with me. Though I've opened up well, some people, the so called hero of house (Baba Bhaskar) have pointed fingers at me".

Punarnavi, however, commented that she will self-nominate herself rather than nominating anyone in this hours because everyone is nominating her for selfish reasons. Though Varun and Sreemukhi pacified her for a while, she didn't relent. But finally, Varun convinced her to nominate two contestants, and she chose Siva Jyothi (V6 Savitri) and Baba Bhaskar.

So, finally, the contestants in the nomination are Tamanna, Punarnavi, Rahul Sipligunj, Vithika and Baba Bhaskar, as they got a huge number of votes from inmates to face eviction. That's a furore in the house this week for sure.

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