Legendary Director Upset With Rumours On KCR Visit

Legendary Director Upset With Rumours On KCR Visit

Since this morning, there have been several speculations that legendary director K Viswanath has not been doing well. Rumours about his ill health gained steam after Telangana CM KCR paid a casual visit to the director a his residence in Film Nagar this evening.

However, we have learnt that K Viswanath is hale and hearty and is doing absolutely fine. He is said to be upset with the ongoing rumours about his health and urged his fans and well-wishers to not believe in the speculations.

89-year-old K Viswanath directed 54 timeless classics which won numerous national and international awards. After his 2010 film 'Subhapradam' K Viswanath took a break from direction and appeared in several movies as an actor. He is currently enjoying a blissful retired life, and his fans are wishing him a long and healthy life.

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