Independence Day Releases: Two Genres, Safe Bets

Independence Day Releases: Two Genres, Safe Bets

On the eve of Independence Day, Tollywood is going to see two new releases hitting the cinemas. As this Thursday happens to be a holiday, filmmakers are actually seeing this as a long weekend which Saaho thought of cashing earlier. Today we have Sharwanand's Ranarangam and Adivi Sesh's Evaru hitting cinemas.

In fact, these two films actually belong to two different genres and they are almost safe bets in their domain. Currently, there are no mass films in the market and that might help Ranarangam big time. With Sharwa-Kalyani's cute love story, Kajal's charms and Sudheer Varma's love for the crime being the added attractions, the film might cater well to B and C centres.

At the same time, Evaru belongs to a different genre altogether as the film banks on thriller content. This appeals to one section of the audiences quite well and they are eagerly waiting for this. That too, as the trailer promised some touching content including that Regina's sexual abuse and murder, it has created enough buzz.

In the wake of no big film at the box office, these two seem to be safe bets and let's look forward to their reviews. Keep watching this space.

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