Karma Is A B***h! Hippi Vs Kobbari Matta

Karma Is A B***h! Hippi Vs Kobbari Matta

With Sampoornesh Babu's 'Kobbari Matta' running to packed crowds, it is coming out that the film slipped into profits already. Director Sai Rajesh is quite excited that he announced teaming with the same hero for another spoof comedy, this time for a big production house.

In the recently released movie Hippi, there is a comedy scene on Kobbari Matta where the film and its hero are made fun of. Though people have not seen Hippi in theatres, they are catching it now on Amazon Prime and getting surprised about this satire on Kobbari Matta.

Earlier, Kobbari Matta producer objected how a scene from yet to release fim (Kobarri Matta) shown in Hippi Movie. Hippi team used a scene from Kobbari Matta Trailer. At the time of Hippi release Kobbari Matta is not yet released. While Hippi failed to create any impact, Kobbari Matta is doing well in theatres.

Talking about the same, movie lovers are saying that 'Karma is Bitch', but this time Hippi movie makers have experienced it well in advance. On the other hand, Kobbari Matta itself is a spoof on many films, usual scenes and some heroes too. But still, people loved the way which the director and hero handled it.

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