#BiggBoss3: Nagarjuna Gives Awards And Strong Coating

#BiggBoss3: Nagarjuna Gives Awards And Strong Coating

Giving a full-on coating to contestants yet again, host Nagarjuna has once again stunned them all in Season 3's Episode 28.

"When you want to impress everyone and get that 'good boy' tag, it kills you. Don't be like a pressure cooker, put a whistle and give out the real" said Nagarjuna as he gives 'Pressure Cooker' award to Baba Bhaskar.

And then a 'Loud Speaker' award to Sreemukhi for being so loud inside the house, but later Nag smoothly scolded her for being insensitive as she earlier told Rohini that the latter might get evicted from the house this week.

Punarnavi got the 'Umpire' award for not taking part in any tasks and only limiting herself to commenting on others. Then Rahul Sipligunj got 'Big Mouth' award, and Nag pointed out his two-sided talks as he says sorry to Sreemukhi but later makes fun of her when he is with Vithika and Varun.

Ashu is given 'Banana' award as Nag says, "Don't be a spectator, be a player". Mahesh Vitta gets 'Match Stick' award for giving bad ideas to all, and Siva Jyothi got 'Onion' award as she puts on tears for every single moment.

Ali Reza bagged 'Flute' award for charming everyone with his tunes and Rohini got 'Scissors' award as she cuts the opponents with her on-face cutting of conversations. Varun Sandesh got 'Best Fruit' award and also got appreciations from Nag for being so sweet. Ravi Krishna took 'Best Ear' award as he listens to everyone in the house.

And the last and final award goes to Himaja, 'The flowerpot' (Chichubuddi) award. Nag points out, "Himaja explodes for a while and slows down. But she never maintains the energy throughout the day"