No Producer Called Evaru Director!

No Producer Called Evaru Director!

Adivi Sesh and Regina Cassandra's Evaru, which is made on a shoe-string budget, is turning out to be a sleeper hit. The film has got unanimous positive reviews from critics and audience alike. As the film is doing great at the ticket windows, naturally, debutante director Venkat Ramji is on cloud nine and is basking in the film's blockbuster success.

Interestingly, Ramji has admitted that his life hasn't changed much after Evaru. He said no producer from the industry has called him yet and offered him a film so far. Ramji quickly added that probably no one has his phone number yet to call him. However, Ramji said he is quite enjoying the success especially when he is visiting the theatres. He said he is thrilled with the audiences response all over. He said he had expected that the film would do well in A centres and multiplexes, but he said much to his surprise, the film is doing quite well in B & C centres as well. Ramji said this is big shock to him and Sesh as well who were counting only on A centre audience.

Ramji was all praise for Sesh who is good at picking right stories. He said Sesh is a kinda write who doesn't sit and write, but he said he is the writer who would express his suggestions in the story. Ramji said Regina is a big advantage for the film as she emoted with her eyes.

Meanwhile, Ramji said he hadn't thought that Naveen Chandra would be part of the film. He said he initially thought Naveen wouldn't be interested. But after seeing his role in Aravinda Sametha which wasn't a lead role, Ramji said he had approached Naveen and he readily agreed to do it.

On parting note, Evaru fame Ramji said his next film is also a suspense thriller and he would like to continue his tryst in thriller films for a while.

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