When No One Believed, Prabhas Anna Believed Me

When No One Believed, Prabhas Anna Believed Me

One-movie old Sujeeth, who had just scored a hit with his debut Run Raja Run, has got a golden chance to direct Prabhas himself for India's biggest action film Saaho. How it all happened? And how Sujeeth first met Prabhas?

Sujeeth has divulged several unknown details. When he had directed a short film, someone had given that DVD of the short film in UV Creations office and it reached Prabhas. After watching it, Prabhas liked it and felt the screenplay in it was good. Prabhas informed his team to call Sujeeth to meet him.

When the UV Creations team did try to reach Sujeeth and informed him that Prabhas wants to meet him, Sujeeth didn't believe it. Then Sujeeth was quite young. Apparently, Sujeetha was watching Mirchi with his father in a theatre when UV Creations had called him. Sujeeth didn't believe as why a blockbuster movie hero Prabhas and a blockbuster production house UV Creations would call him.

Subsequently, Sujeeth had signed Run Raja Run under UV Creations and as expected the film did turn out good. Later Sujeeth had narrated the story of Saaho to Pramod and Vamsi who liked it. Pramod and Vamsi have put the word to Prabhas and asked him to listen to it.

When Sujeeth met Prabhas, Prabhas was quite shocked as Sujeeth came in a short and he looked quite young. Sujeeth, however, impressed Prabhas with his story and narrative skills. Prabhas felt that Sujeeth told like a 40-year-old experienced filmmaker and there was no looking back as Prabhas decided to do Saaho with Sujeeth.

Interestingly, Prabhas did ask Sujeeth that why he didn't meet him when he asked to meet him. Sujeeth was shocked by Prabhas' memory. Sujeeth also shared another experience with Prabhas that illustrates the Baahubali star's memory.

Apparently, when Sujeeth had told Saaho story to Prabhas at first time, he told about a particular shot - the shot shown in the Saaho teaser where Prabhas washes his blood during bath.

And as the film went onto floors over 2 years later, even Sujeeth had forgotten about it. But it was Prabhas who had reminded Sujeeth about the bloodshot and Sujeeth was astound by Prabhas memory.

Sujeeth said it was Prabhas who has believed in him when no one else had believed in him. Sujeeth said, "Prabhas Anna believed in me. That is my strength and that is my confidence. It made me pull off such a big film. Certainly, directing Prabhas Anna after SS Rajamouli sir is like going against the Ocean as the expectations would be mammoth."

Sujeeth has directed Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor in his second directorial, a multi-crore film, made in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. This has raised many eyeballs in industry and many speculations. But the film's trailer has put a check to such speculations. The final verdict will be given by the audience on Aug 30. Let's wait and watch.