Don't Want To Do Big Films in Next 5 Years - Prabhas

Don't Want To Do Big Films in Next 5 Years - Prabhas

After magnum opus Baahubali : The Beginning and Baahubali : The Conclusion which were made in a span of 5 years and now Saaho that was in making for over 2 years, actor Prabhas seems to be tired with big budget extravaganza films. Prabhas, who has recently announced at the pre-release function that he would like to make two films per year, has now decided that he shouldn't want to do big films in the next five years at least.

"I had promised to make 2 films per year. I couldn't keep my promise. This time, I don't want to make a promise, but I really want to put into practice. I want to have 2 releases a year," said Prabhas.

"I don't want to do big films for at least another five years. With big films, the budget is high and a lot of things need to be in place. I don't want to take such pressure for every film," Prabhas was quoted in an interview.

Talking about what impressed him in Saaho, Prabhas says, "What impressed me in Saaho is the film's screenplay. Both the producers and me have believed in Sujeeth and he did keep it up. He has directed several crucial scenes in the movie with utmost clarity. He never took even second take in such sequences. This shows his clarity on film."

When asked about his shyness and how he is handling the stardom that came from Baahubali, Prabhas admits, "Compared to before, I'm better now. I'm giving more interviews now. Baahubali gave me that experience. I used to give 20 interviews in a day to Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam media for the film. It is now helping for Saaho."

No doubt, Prabhas' decision to do 2 films per year is a laudable and welcome one as his die-hard fans and trade would rejoice, but his decision to not do big films is raising eyebrows. Also, it is doubtful whether it is practically possible or not since the actor's market has increased multi-fold and naturally, the film's budgets too increases. It needs to be seen how Prabhas would strike a balance between the both.