#BiggBoss3: Mahesh Takes On Ali, But Both Are Silly

#BiggBoss3: Mahesh Takes On Ali, But Both Are Silly

Game player Sreemukhi wants to turn the game in her favour and she revealed to Varun Sandesh that Baba Bhaskar has tears all over with Ali Reza nominating him. Inside Episode 31 of Bigg Boss 3, we have Ali trying to explain why he nominated Bhaskar, but things went for a toss.

As Ali is trying to explain why he nominated Baba Bhaskar, actually Mahesh Vitta tried to intervene and say what the choreographer is actually feeling bad about. Irritated by the interference, Ali shouted at Mahesh asking him to not fuel a feud between two people with his discontented nature. "Nuvvu pullalu pettaku" is what Ali fired.

Taking the word 'pullalu pettaku' as an offense, Mahesh shouted at Ali, and even went to the extent of using some cuss words.

Frankly speaking, while Ali has a loudmouth, Mahesh has bizarre timing when it comes to advising others. After some point, both sounded silly with their arguments, while Ali went on saying that he though Baba Bhaskar would cut his funny acts regarding which he has to nominate him, Mahesh stated that none are able to understand Baba's Tamil than him, and the choreographer is said to have poured his heart to him.

There is no logic in either of these arguments, while Baba Bhaskar stated that he got hurt because Ali tailed around him for the last 30 days like a friend/disciple and still nominated him.