Chiru And Balayya's Trollers Hit By Reverse Punch

Chiru And Balayya's Trollers Hit By Reverse Punch

Other day it happens to be a great one for the movie lovers who have grown up in the 90s, watching the legacy of Megastar Chiru and Nandamuri Balakrishna. While Chiru came up with Sye Raa teaser, Balayya got his look from KS Ravikumar's untitled film revealed.

The moment Balayya's look came out, there was a trolling on the internet for the way he's carrying that belly of him. And when Chiranjeevi appeared before media in Mumbai, his black designer shirt also gave scope for his belly to be seen, which became food for social media folks. Well, being actors, the two should have been more fit, as actors of their age are also doing six-packs in Hollywood.

However, the big reverse punch is right now trending on Twitter where some folks are asking what will be these trollers doing when they are at 60. "Okay, Chiru and Balayya have a belly after touching 60 (Balayya is yet to) but still dancing and fighting in films. Can these trollers even walk without the support of a stick at 60?", a user commented.

That's a genuine reaction for sure because trolling on Twitter is an easy job but hitting gym and staying fit is not so easy until you have strong will power.

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