Pic Talk: When Hottie Adah Turned A Wax Statue

Shaking up Twitter and Instagram is a regular thing for heroine Adah Sharma as she poses in ravishing avatars and starts raising up the mercury levels everywhere. At a time when cities like Hydberad and Mumbai are getting lashed by rains, she's here steaming up all the water.

Here comes the dazzling hottie slipping into a black designer outfit, where she appears hot like hell. Talking about the same, Adah commented, "Practicing to be my wax statue before they make one of me". Of course, she looks like a porcelain statue in the outfits and her dazzling skin compliments to that.

After the flop show of Kalki at Telugu box office, we hear that this hot girl is waiting for the right scripts to pick up on. A talented actress and has a glamour that goes unmatched with many top starlets, so a right film would make her the next big thing in Tollywood. Let's see when does that happen.