Faceapp Behind Raviteja's Viral Selfie

Faceapp Behind Raviteja's Viral Selfie

A picture of Raviteja in young looks surprised all and it went super viral rumored as one of his looks from his upcoming Disco Raja movie. Raviteja looked shockingly young in that photo and here is the true story behind that.

A unit photographer reportedly used the Faceapp to change Raviteja's looks to the actor's younger features and uploaded the same on social media. For starters, Faceapp is an application that can change the features of a face in an uploaded photo, to aged or younger versions according to given age numbers.

And now with the original photo coming out today, the air is clear and the director of Disco Raja, VI Anand too denied the rumors about Raviteja's look being the same in the movie and also that him or his team was not involved in circulating the photo.

At the same time, VI Anand revealed that the first look of Raviteja's Disco Raja will be coming out very soon. Well, Ravi Teja is heard to be playing a dual role in Disco Raja in which, one seems to be a serious role and the other in a contrast role. Though there were number of speculations on Disco Raja story already, audience are curious and have been waiting to know what it has in it!

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