Producer's Shocking Allegation on 2 Top Directors

Producer's Shocking Allegation on 2 Top Directors

Producers are the ones who invest their hard-earned monies into cinema out of a lot of passion and out of a lot of hope taking a huge risk for their investment.

No doubt, it is a good business model and if a film works well at the Box Office, they make a huge profits. But the downside is that the industry has very less success rate.

Having said this, despite taking such big risks, producers are not getting due respect in industry. This is now revealed by one of the prolific producers and filmmakers PVP. PVP who made several big-budget films in Telugu, Tamil has dropped a bomb.

PVP revealed that two top directors from South - which he doesn't want disclose the names - work on sole condition that producers of their films shouldn't enter their shooting sets. While this may sound absurd, but this is true.

Divulging this, PVP revealed that he doesn't want to work with these two directors. He said this admitting the sad state of a producer in the film industry today - particularly in south. PVP said producers who doesn't have backing of big studios are getting belittled and mistreated.

He said those producers doesn't have option but to work as per the conditions of big stars and big directors. PVP said such big projects get materialized because of stars and directors and hence producers have least say.

Meanwhile, PVP revealed that how he had repaid the losses for his Brahmotsavam which has superstar Mahesh Babu. PVP defended Mahesh Babu and said Mahesh is a director's actor and he can't be blamed for the film's failure.

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