Gangleader New Trailer: Irresponsible 'REVENGERS'

Gangleader New Trailer: Irresponsible 'REVENGERS'

All said and done, Natural star Nani's 'Gangleader' is all set for a grand release tomorrow. The makers are still doing the last minute promotions as their exuding super confidence on the content.

A 30 seconds trailer is released shortly and it is yet another hilarious one. 'Gangleader' touted to be a revenge drama with entertainment as its' core theme is the exact of this trailer. In a rain when Nani and his gang wait for their enemy, we expect some gruesome scenes and hard-hitting dialogues.

The protagonist 'Pencil' says, "Oka Durmargudiki Chaavu Daggara Padutunna Timelo, Vaathavarnam Ila Gambhiranga Maaripothundi..." After this dialogue we do want something else, but director Vikram Kumar adds that none can imagine.

Stunned by his gang members, Pencil scolds them with "Irritating, Irresponsible Revengers." This is just a scene and there could be whole lot more.

With such elements what can't wait to watch this film. Nani's 'Gangleader' is on the verge, good luck!