Spotlight: Why did Ravibabu land at Dil Raju's camp?

Spotlight: Why did Ravibabu land at Dil Raju's camp?

The poster of talented actor and director Ravibabu's latest film Aaviri is out already, and as usual, it is full of abstract imagery that piques film lovers in a unique way. Known for delivering such 'think different' kinds of stuff, as his posters captivate attention through colours and the names of some technicians, this time they have created a huge debate.

The million dollar question!

As the poster has 'Dil Raju Presents' over it, everyone started discussing as to why producer Suresh Babu's name is missing from it. Because, other than a few films, including the ones produced by biggies like Ramoji Rao and Bhavya Creations, all of Ravi Babu's movies were his own productions, distributed through Suresh Productions.

The association of S Babu and R Babu dates back to 2005 with Soggadu movie and continued till recent released Adhugo. So why did Ravi Babu leave out Suresh, despite the fact that Aaviri is produced on his own Flying Frogs banner?

Did piglet cause unwanted friction?

Ravibabu stated that he's happy to get associated with Dil Raju as he is desiring to join hands with him from a long time, and even the ace producer shared a similar opinion. But that doesn't sound solid, as there is no big reason for Ravi Babu to ditch Suresh Babu and join hands with Dil Raju. The only thing that could stop them getting united is the piglet, film industry gossips.

Reportedly Ravi Babu's Adhugo, which featured a piglet imported from Australia, as well as visual effects depiction of the same, is said to have cost huge for Suresh Production. Though Ravi Babu also lost the investment, Suresh is said to have got disappointed for the poorly etched movie. Some say he might have lost interest in Ravibabu, owing to the fact that he wants to team up with a younger generation of directors to bring some millennial content to the table.

The masala topping on gossip

As the poster featuring Dil Raju's name is out, some gossip mongers blamed Ravibabu squarely for thinking from a commercial bent of mindset rather than ethical. They say, if the director releases Aaviri through Suresh Babu, maybe he should repay the damages done by Adhugo to the senior producer in case if his latest movie makes merry at the box office. To avoid that, he might have stepped out.

Those who know Suresh Babu top to toe are commenting that the producer himself is not interested in a Ravi Babu's film, as the creative director's recent projects are only posting losses but nothing. Also, with Ravibabu wanting to release this film immediately, Suresh Babu is not in a mood to do so, owing to some personal issues.

Some, however, ridicule all the gossip to say that both Suresh Babu and Ravibabu have not even parted ways, but the director went to Dil Raju as the latter is requesting him to do a film with him from a long time.

A lot of firsts for Dil Raju!

If we keep the Suresh Babu and Ravibabu angle aside, grabbing Aaviri is one of the many firsts for Dil Raju. Never this producer made any horror or thrillers, or he comes up with such low-investment projects. Also, it is like a tick box checked for Dil Raju as he got a Ravibabu film now.