Waah! Nag Gives Tight Slap By Polishing Shoes

Waah! Nag Gives Tight Slap By Polishing Shoes

For the kinds of acts put by Punarnavi, Mahesh, Sreemukhi and others did in the 'ghosts task', host Nagarjuna is on full fire on S3 E56.

Before taking on the house, Nagarjuna brought a shoe of him to the table and polished it. Then he opened his lecture, "It's not wrong if you polish your shoes or clean the house. You're respected not for the work you do, but how you do it" he stressed.

Nagarjuna gave a stern warning to Mahesh first. Not just that, he asked Mahesh to get out, in simple. "Mahesh, you stated that you've come here on the invitation, not by audition, that you don't want to do sweeping, cleaning and polishing jobs. Now I'll give you a chance to walk out" said Nag, before asking Bigg Boss to open the doors.

Sreemukhi, play the game, but don't try to manipulate the contestants" said Nag, after which Sreemukhi condemned that. Irritated by her acts, Nagarjuna showed her the video clip.

"What the f**k is this task? bulls**it.. Is this what you talk Punarnavi? Can't you simply come before a camera and say that you can't play? You ask Rahul all the time to perform in the tasks, but why did you fail to play your task?" asked Nagarjuna, bursting the fuses of Punarnavi.

He then blasted Baba Bhaskar for his one-sided behaviour, appreciated Varun for his convincing skills.