'I was thrown out of the house by my father'

'I was thrown out of the house by my father'

B-town actor Ayushmann Khurrana, who is presently enjoying the success of his latest release Dream Girl, has celebrated his 35th birthday yesterday, on September 14.

The film has collected Rs.10 crores on the opening day and more than Rs.17 crores on the second day. He is popularly known for choosing unique scripts that no other young actor would dare to do. The actor has today shared a few words about his father and how he is the pillar behind his success.

In one of his recent interviews, Ayushmann said that his father played a pivotal role in his life. His father is an astrologer and the actor said that his dad had pushed him to do something big in life.

He recalled how he used to sit idly without doing anything in life which made his father to throw him out of the house. He said the intention of expelling him out of the home was to see his son making a good career and future.

"I don't believe in astrology, but my father has been my life coach and mentor. He always used to tell me 'beta public ki nabz pakdo'. After college, I was carefree but my father was very ambitious for me. He packed my bags and booked my tickets.

I was thrown out, and he said, 'Jao actor banne jao, bahut ho gaya. Chandigarh main dera dalke baitha hai'," he told. Kudos to Ayushmann's father for his determination in giving his son the best possible start of a fruitful career.
Ayushaman entered the industry when he was 19 years old with a reality show called Roadies. He became a full-time actor at the age of 27. On this, the actor said that it took him nearly eight years to become what he is today. He won national-award for his film Andhadun where he played the role of a blind pianist.