#BiggBoss3: Sreemukhi Emerges Captain Amidst Politics

#BiggBoss3: Sreemukhi Emerges Captain Amidst Politics

It is going to be tough in the nominations from now, and contestants are going any extent to support their favourites and create their own image in the tasks. On the last episode, we have Sreemukhi, Ravi, Siva Jyothy and Baba Bhaskar contesting for the captaincy, but the house got taken by a storm with politics.

The task is all about holding a bowl in hands with the colour liquid not falling down and those who either don't keep two hands under the bowl or loses more colour, will lose the game. Firstly housemates targeted Baba Bhaskar and everyone made sure that he loses colour water from the bowl, thereby losing the task. Afterwards, Bigg Boss disqualified Siva Jyothy as she held her bowl with one hand.

Then comes Ravi and Sreemukhi, and both are stubborn to become captain and get immunity from eviction this week. While the likes of Siva Jyothy supported Ravi, they want Ali to disturb Sreemukhi's bowl which he didn't do as he knows the outside following of her. Then Varun Sandesh showed empty hands as he doesn't want to disturb Sreemukhi (or Ravi) as both never nominated him. While Rahul made sure that Ravi loses some water, Punarnavi wanted to support Sreemukhi only.

But the daring and stupid move came from Ravi himself as he moved towards Sreemukhi with the bowl and tried to hit her with leg, such that her bowl will fall down. Putting up his 'good boy' face, he said 'Sorry Mama' before hitting her. What he didn't expect is the charge coming from Vithika, as she simply splashed out the bowl from Ravi's hand, making him the loser.

After Vithika-Varun split from Rahul-Punarnavi, they are moving closer to Sreemukhi, and that became evident now. Sreemukhi is the new captain, but we have to see if she got immunity or not.