Bigg Boss 3: Not Ali, But Rahul Gets Ticket to Finale

Bigg Boss 3: Not Ali, But Rahul Gets Ticket to Finale

Just with two weeks left for the finals in Bigg Boss 3 Telugu, the last 6 tried their luck to bag the ticket to finale in the latest nominations task. Giving a twist to the ticket to the finale task, Ali Reza got disqualified due to unnecessary aggression while in planting task with Baba Bhaskar, leaving Rahul the only eligible contestant to win the ticket to finale.

The luck did not come in favor of others except Ali Reza in Bigg Boss when the ticket to the finale task started. Ali got the battery board of better percentage right in the beginning and ofcourse he did win the banana task to be the contestant with the highest percentage of battery, against Siva Jyoti. Many anticipated that Ali has got better chances than anyone to get hold of the ticket for the finale, but that did not happen.  

While in task with Baba Bhaskar, Ali Reza appeared to have lost his cool in a pressure to win the task and thereby the ticket to finale. Bigg Boss once warned both of them to stop getting into physical fights, and when his warning went vain, he canceled the task, also disqualifying Ali from the task leaving him nominated first.

Sreemukhi and Rahul were first to ring the bell for the next task of the domino line task, while Baba has 30 percent battery, Siva Jyothi with 30 percent, Varun with 10 percent, Sreemukhi 20 percent and Rahul with 50 percent. Rahul managed to win with the longest dominos also the wind supported him.

The next two were Sreemukhi again and Siva Jyothi to fight each other in a pyramid building task. Bigg Boss announced Sreemukhi as the winner because Siva Jyothi built a block instead of a pyramid.

By the end of the task, Rahul emerged as a contestant with the highest battery power, thereby the first one to enter finale in this season. Rest all remain nominated this week with zero percent battery for Ali and Varun each, 10 percent battery for Sreemukhi and Sivajyothi each and Baba Bhaskar with 20 percent battery.