Arjun Suravaram Trailer: Gripping Thriller

Arjun Suravaram Trailer: Gripping Thriller

Batting against all the odds and multiple delays, finally, Nikhil's Arjun Suravaram is bracing up for Nov 29 release. The makers have unveiled the film's trailer. It is intense and intriguing. The gripping thriller promises that the film is a students' problem involving fake educational degree certificates and how it is taking a toll on genuine students and their families. In the wake of recent incidents in Telangana, the film's story seems relevant. Though the film is the remake of Kanithan, it looks like, the makers have made substantial changes to the script.

Cut to the plot, Arjun Suravaram (Nikhil) works as an investigative journalist in a TV channel. He is a happy-go-lucky person who has love (Lavanya Tripathi) and nice family. But his life gets shattered with once incident. How he is entangled in a fake certificates racket and how he is blamed responsible for it. And how does he overcomes all the hurdles forms the crux of the story.

Sam C.S music, of Khaidi fame, has delivered a terrific background score for Arjun Suravaram as well. The trailer indicates that it is an edge-of-seat thriller tailor-made for Nikhil who is known for doing different films. Let's wait and see whether Nikhil would be back with a bang on Nov 29 or not.

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