No More ‘House-Fulls’: A Fool-proof Plan For Theaters

The entire country is currently facing lockdown. The government is trying to ease out certain restrictions so as people can live lives comfortably even in the lockdown. Amidst several other industries which were affected, one important industry which was affected was the film industry.

The decision affected Bollywood’s business strongly and even the multiplexes that enjoyed a massive footfall for most movies before the lockdown. Today, the Multiplex Association of India finally submitted a tightly sealed plan which is made keeping in mind all the precautions and safety measures that need to be followed when the cinema halls will reopen. The plan will be put in place for the first two months after the theatres open to the public.

The changes include deep cleaning and sanitization of all areas in the multiplexes and single screens. Moviegoers will be asked to maintain minimal to zero contact with the staff as possible with e-tickets and e-orders for food and drinks being in place. Use of themal thermometers to check body temperature, sanitizers and masks will become a norm before stepping in a cinema hall. Wearing a mask will be made compulsory while watching a movie.

Apart from this, while the staff of the cinema hall will only be allowed after grilling health check-ups, the viewers who will come to watch a film will be placed separately inside the hall. According to the report, families and couples will be given tickets to sit together, but there will be an empty seat kept adjacent to them. Which means, we will no longer have house-full shows.