Balakrishna Demolishing His Jubliee Hills House?

Balakrishna Demolishing His Jubliee Hills House?

People passing from Jubilee Hills to Journalist Colony and Film Nagar via Road Number 12 in Banjara Hills always feel the excitement of looking at Nandamuri Balakrishna's house at the junction where Road No 45 starts. And reports are coming that this iconic house is all set to go away.

Recently it has come out that a new proposed fly-over that starts at Balayya's house is going to take a part of the actor's house due to the need for road extension there. But even before that came up, we hear that the actor has decided to demolish it as some of the Vaastu changes are not working in his favour anymore.

And then, the idea of residing at that house is no more an exciting one because of the huge traffic around. Also with that road becoming a huge commercial circle, surely building a shopping mall would be a great idea. Thinking in those lines, Balayya has decided to build a big complex there in lieu of the decades-old house.

On the other hand, many are wondering where will Balayya move to after he demolishes this house. Will he construct another house in Jubilee Hills area like Chiranjeevi, or he moves to Manikonda to build a big independent house like Venkatesh. Let's see.

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