A Lift To Niharika From Allu Arjun

A Lift To Niharika From Allu Arjun

Whenever star hero Allu Arjun is doing a new movie, always talk comes out that he is going to give a special role to his cousin, mega daughter Konidela Niharika in that movie. But never, such things have materialised. That is because Allu Arvind has once openly stated in a film event that he would have made Niharika a heroine alongside Bunny had she told that she wants to make debut as an actress.

The latest buzz is that, with Niharika's all the silver screen ventures flopping big time, Allu Arjun wanted to give her a break for real. Like how he has made Nagababu as the production partner of Naa Peru Surya movie, now he's said to have extended similar help to Niharika also. Reports are coming that she will be seen in his next film, #AA20, which will be helmed by creative filmmaker Sukumar.

As these kinds of reports have come up many times earlier, one wonders if this is to be believed or not. On the other hand, Niharika has recently come up with another YouTube web series named Mad House and soon she will be releasing another web series too.

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