Bheeshma 'Single's Anthem': For all bachelors

Bheeshma 'Single's Anthem': For all bachelors

Bheeshma starring Nithiin in the male lead role has the tagline 'Single Forever.' Matching the caption, the makers have come up with first lyrical video (song) which is called the 'Single's Anthem.'

The song is peppy upon first hearing and is likeable. What makes the song to hear it again and again, is the lyrics. The song is all about the downsides of being a bachelor and how the protagonist is desperate to have a girlfriend in his life.

Mahati Swara Sagar is the music composer of 'Bheeshma' and the 'Single's Anthem' is a superb composition which blends contemporary with satire. Shree Mani's lyrics are the biggest asset of the song and Anurag Kulkarni adds quirkiness with his vocals.

Being directed by 'Bheeshma' is a romantic entertainer and the visuals of this anthem would make an interesting watch.

Rashmika Mandanna is the female lead and the film is produced by Sithara Entertainment banner.