Two Years For Agnyathavaasi: Not A Trolling But Anguish It Is

Two Years For Agnyathavaasi: Not A Trolling But Anguish It Is

Fans remembering the blockbuster films on release anniversaries by sharing the posters is what we are seeing more than often these days on social media. Today is a little different day as many fans came up trolling a movie on its release anniversary. But why?

The movie is Agnyaathavaasi and it was released today, two years ago with great expectations. As we all know how disappointing the movie was leaving the fans of both Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram shattered all at once.

In a way, it is more like a regular exercise for the fans of Pawan Kalyan, because the star either surprised them with biggest blockbusters and also shocked them with equally big disasters many a time. But there are fans of Trivikram, who felt lost but could not disagree with what they watched.

Those very fans are trolling Trivikram for what he has done with Agnyaathavaasi even after two years, though he tried better with Aravinda Sametha meanwhile. While it appears like trolling, it is merely the anguish born from their respect and expectation for 'Guruji'!

Well, coming to present, we hope the trolls don't turn up next year as they might forget the nightmare from past if Ala Vaikunthapurram becomes a Trivikram range success.