Pawan-Krish Movie Based On 'Pandugala Sayanna' Life And Times

Pawan-Krish Movie Based On 'Pandugala Sayanna' Life And Times

After deciding to come back to films post a two-year hiatus, Pawan Kalyan is making sure that he avoids the usual commercial song-dance-fight-glamour kinds of subjects. Firstly he has chosen Pink remake, which might give him a chance to fight for women's rights in the court, and then he locked on this 'robin hood' like a story.

Cut to more details, we are hearing that director Krish has picked up a terrific 'research subject' for Pawan Kalyan's movie. The film's story is set up in Telangana backdrop in the Nizami-British era that roughly dates to 1870s. Pandugala Sayanna from Mahbubnagar is a revolutionary who used to loot money from Nizam's treasury and also from other government officers in order to feed the public. He has become a terror for tyrannous landlords like Zamindar Venkatasami Reddy and many more.

Collecting the details of Pandugala Sayanna from the Dakkali tribe people who used to sing songs on Sayanna's valour, bravery and greatness, director Krish is said to have taken the copyrights of a book published a couple of years ago to carve out this project.

We hear that Pawan Kalyan will undergo special training in 'Karra Saamu' to take up this role as Sayanna is known for his great body and also the kind of fights he did with sticks.

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