Prabhas And Rajamouli To Clash At The Box Office?

Prabhas And Rajamouli To Clash At The Box Office?

One of the hell-like combination in the entire Indian film industry is none other than Rajamouli and Prabhas. Though they have collaborated only once (barring Chatrapathi) for a big budgeted bonanza, their union has rocked the nation as Baahubali franchisee emerged a never-ever kind of a legend in the history of Indian cinema. What if these two compete with each other?

Of course, Telugu cinema audience wouldn't want Rajamouli and Prabhas to compete with each other as they want the two to collaborate. But then, we are hearing that the upcoming films of these two big superstars might hit the box office around the same time in case if Rajamouli misses out the said date like he always does.

Actually #RRR is set for July 30, 2020 release but news is coming from close quarters that the film might get postponed to October month owing to some delays that took place earlier as Ram Charan got busy with Sye Raa promotions. And then, Prabhas has recently kick-started the shooting of his next film, tentatively titled Jaan, after a lot of gaps. He is now said to be focusing on releasing the film in the month of October on Dasara eve.

Both #RRR and Jaan will be focusing on a pan-India release and even if they don't crash into each other, they might release with just a week or couple of weeks gap. But what will be the use of this clash is the question of the hour as the one who is a bit slow with content might end up losing big time due to the clash.

Anyway, it's too early to talk about the release date of these two biggies as both Prabhas and Rajamouli doesn't carve out films so easily and swiftly.