Ninety percent school love stories fail: Sharwa

Ninety percent school love stories fail: Sharwa

Hero Sharwanand said ninety percent of the school love stories fail to go further and this film falls in the same category.

Speaking at the trailer launch of 'Jaanu' which is the official remake of Tamil movie '96' Sharwa said, "When this remake came to me, I was hesitate to do it because '96' is a classic film. But I trust producer 'Dil' Raju a lot and he had the confidence. He gave me an industry hit and hope 'Jaanu' will be another hit."

Complimenting Samantha, Sharwa added that if my performance gets applause, then the credit should also go to her. "This female lead needs a strong female lead and Samantha is the best and only choice for it," said Sharwa and concluded that like many he is eager to watch the film on February 7th.

Samantha said, she was scared to do '96' remake because it's a magical film and they don't repeat often. "Before the start of the film, I asked my manager not to meet 'Dil' Raju because he convinces easily. Eventually I had to sign the film and after the shoot started, I got to know that the magic is being created again," said Sam.

Producer 'Dil' Raju said 'Jaanu' is the first remake in his 18 odd years of career as producer and expressed confidence that the film will get audiences appreciation.