Mahesh Babu: It’s Cool To Be Masked

The Corona virus pandemic is spreading in the country with each day passing. So far the cases count have crossed over a lakh and in this view, the government has made mask as mandatory for all the people while stepping out as it eased the lockdown. Yet the many are ignoring the government’s suggestion of wearing a mask.

Superstar Mahesh Babu has appealed to people to wear a mask which is an act of protecting ourselves from the deadly virus. Taking it to his Twitter handle, Mahesh shared a picture of him wearing a mask and added that it’s cool to be masked.

“We are opening up. Slowly, but surely. In a time like this, masks are mandatory. Make it a point to wear a mask every time you step out, that’s least we can do to protect ourselves and others. It may seem odd, but it is the need of the hour and we must get used to it. One step at a time! Let’s adapt to the new normal and get life back on track. It’s cool to be masked. I am. Are you?” tweeted Mahesh.

Hope the people will follow the advises of the celebrities at least in containing the virus and not spreading it further.