First Pic: Meet Nithiin's Wife-to-be Shalini

First Pic: Meet Nithiin's Wife-to-be Shalini

Here is the first glimpse of Nithiin's wife-to-be Shalini Kandukuri. Nithiin and Shalini are getting engaged tomorrow in Hyderabad and the grand gala wedding is fixed on April 16 at Dubai's luxurious star hotel Palazzo Versace Dubai.

"Shalini and I first met through our common friends in 2012. But we are seeing each other since two years. It was only after we began seeing each other and came to know and understand each other better, we have decided to take it forward," said Nithiin.

Interestingly, Nithiin's proposal to Shalini was so filmy. He didn't want to do the usual drill of 'going down on one knee' and asking the question 'will you marry me' or showering her with roses. Nithiin wanted it to be different and unique. He said to have proposed Shalini by standing on one leg and proposed her. Interestingly it worked as it only made Shalini 'laugh' immediately, but she said, 'yes'.

Nithiin said the day when Shalini said "yes" to him was the best day of his life. He said Shalini has watched all his films and she gives her honest opinion on his films. Apparently, after watching Lie, Shalini told him that she didn't understand it.

The couple is going to have a pre-wedding function tomorrow i.e Feb 15th at Nithiin's Hyderabad residence. The couple will have a traditional engagement ritual on April 15 and the wedding on April 16 in Dubai.