Nithiin Reveals His Love Story With Shalini

Nithiin Reveals His Love Story With Shalini

Nithiin and Shalini's love story is just any other cute and sweet love story. Just he says, it might not be too filmy, but is a genuine one. The couple knew each other for 8 years now, but have been in relationship since the last 5 years only. And after a courtship of five years, they are going to enter the wedlock on April 16.

Speaking to a leading daily, Nithiin revealed his love story. The duo met through mutual friends and got clicked instantly. Since the beginning, they somehow knew that they were made for each other. He always knew that she was 'the one' for him.

'I don't believe in casual dating. I think that's nonsense. From day one, I knew that I want to spend the rest of my life with Shalini. It was never frivolous between us. The only reason it took this long for us to get married is because we were both busy with our respective careers,' he revealed.

Like in films, Nithiin didn't want his proposal to Shalini a filmy. So instead, he chose to go for something different and a bit 'hatke'. 'I didn't want to do the usual drill of going down on one knee and popping the question or shower her with roses. Instead, I decided to stand on one leg and propose to her,' added the A Aa actor.

When asked about what is it that he loves the most about Shalini is, Nithiin has a long list to reveal. He said, 'I really love her simplicity. She has brought out the best in me in the last few years. She understands me and my profession both, and she treats everyone with equal love and care. She's also gotten along really well with my family, it's hard not to fall in love with someone like that.'