Indian 2 Accident: Kamal Haasan Calls It Horrific

Indian 2 Accident: Kamal Haasan Calls It Horrific

The crane collapsed on the canopy at Indian 2 sets killing three crew members Madhu (Shankar's PA), Krishna (Assistant Director), Chandran (Food Provider) and severely injuring ten others left everyone in shock.

As there is still no official confirmation on director Shankar's condition, there were reports that he too was injured in this mishap. The injured have been taken to a nearby Savitha hospital.

Kamal Haasan and Kajal escaped the accident and they were ten seconds away from being crushed under the crane, as tweeted by costume designer Amritha Ram. Kamal Haasan took it to Twitter to confirm the news and he also called it a horrific incident.

"The grief of the family who lost them will be manifold. I take part in their misery as one of them. My deepest sympathies to them. I have spoken to doctors looking after the accident in the hospital. First aid is provided and appropriate treatment works are carried out. Let them dawn tonight with the hope that they will get better soon." tweeted Kamal Haasan.

Costume designer who was with Kamal and Kajal in the canopy ten seconds before the crash tweeted about the mishap. "Providential escape from the ghastly mishap. Literally 10secs away from being crushed under. fortunate Kamal sir, Kajal n me who were right under are safe #count your blessings our crushed canopy under the crane. we are #safe RIP our fellow mates"