Three Things That Saved Bheeshma From Going Wrong

Three Things That Saved Bheeshma From Going Wrong

In recent times, the flop show of three movies have stunned everyone and those films include Samantha's Jaanu, Raviteja's Disco Raja and Vijay Devarakonda's World Famous Lover. Despite the fact that Nithin's Bheeshma had no great storyline than those above said movies, still, it has come out with flying colours at the box office as a winner. Wonder why?

Comedy: If we look deep, there are three things that have saved Bheeshma from going haywire. Firstly we have to give credit to the 'comedy factor' in the movie as there is no sequence in the movie which is not hilarious. Though the director hasn't gone deep into the story, especially the crucial organic farming thing, he dealt with every scene in a way that it invokes laughs until the end. Especially the likes of Vennela Kishore, Sampath and others in combination with Nithin have done a fabulous job.

Slick Cut: The second factor is the 'slick cut' of the movie. Earlier we heard that director Trivikram helped the makers of the movie to trim the movie to a large extent. With no scene that has a bit of lag, lasting for a long time, surely audiences will not feel bore anywhere. Applying that formula, they have cut it very slick and that surely helped.

Release Timing: The last thing we should talk about is the luck this film heaped upon itself by its 'release timing'. With no happening film at the box office now, surely a film with average content could do very well. At the same time, Friday happened to be Sivaratri holiday as well, thereby pulling many audiences to theatre automatically.

If not for these three things, Bheeshma result would have been something else.