Mahesh's Witty Conversation With Paparazzi Wins Hearts

Mahesh's Witty Conversation With Paparazzi Wins Hearts

Often, Mahesh Babu is papped at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Either individually or with family, he is frequently seen there. The other day, the actor appeared at the airport once again.

This time, he has thrown some of his wit and humour on the photographer, Kamlesh Anand, who is always at the airport, clicking the celebrities who come to the city to shoot for various films. Also, he never fails in missing anyone.

Well, Mahesh has asked Kamlesh to stop clicking pics, but the stubborn Kamlesh, even recorded a video of what Mahesh said. The spontaneous Mahesh said, 'Don't you get bored clicking the same pics every day? Take a break man (laughs).'

Kamlesh replied, 'Sir I just came.' People around Mahesh were also seen laughing with what the actor said.

Mahesh keeps pulling the legs of people who are around him. He keeps teasing his co-artistes and also often keeps joking with the media too during interviews.