Ire With Ira: Irked Mehreen Speaks Out On Laundry Bills

Ire With Ira: Irked Mehreen Speaks Out On Laundry Bills

There has been news that Naga Shaurya's production company Ira creations refused to pay the hotel bills and laundry bills of Mehreen, as she did not make it to promotions for Aswathama. Mehreen finally made a statement clarifying the same and yes, she did pay her hotel and personal staff bills because Ira refused to settle them.

Mehreen gave up her 'dignified silence' on this issue as the issue is being dragged to unwanted low levels. Mehreen admits that she could not make it to one interview with Aswathama promotions as she had to be away on personal issues and due to her skin allergy, for which she apologized with a doctor's prescription and also a photo of her with a rash on her face.

The actress says the producers appeared to have got irked with the same and refused to settle her hotel bull and they did not even pay her day staff. Mehreen clarifies that her manager settled all the bills immediately upon her instructions and the rumors have hurt her.

Mehreen says she worked for 14 films in the Telugu film industry and she never had any issues with any production house. The F2 actress mentioned the stories about her hotel and laundry bills are of poor taste and she strongly condemned them. Mehreen broke the silence as she felt that her professional reputation is being tarnished. Calling it an unpleasant incident, Mehreen wants to put it behind and at the same time, she thanked Ira Creations for giving the opportunity in Aswathama and wished the luck for future projects.

Concluding her words, Mehreen said she won't be making any further statements regarding the issue. Well, as clarified by the actress herself, the rumors about her checking out the hotel a day earlier without any intimation to skip hotel bills, are completely false and the fact that Naga Shaurya refused to pay the bills is true.

We have to see if Naga Shaurya has a word to say on this or he too would like to see this issue in the rear mirror.