Talk Of Town: Hero's Cocktail Party For Meme Makers

Talk Of Town: Hero's Cocktail Party For Meme Makers

One of the best ways to promote a movie is to identify the right players who could take the movie into people, and then treat them well. Apart from paying money, one should also throw them parties for the marketing purpose. Looks like Telugu heroes have slowly learned this well.

Other day, we hear that hero Vishwaksen has thrown a special party for some guys at a happening pub in Hyderabad. Those guys are actually meme makers who have created some creative memes to promote Vishwak and his latest movie HIT and helped the film amass huge attention on Facebook. These meme makers are specialists who could take any news into people with their wit and criticism. So naturally, they might have helped HIT get the attention easily.

We hear that while makers of the film Nani and Prashanti Triperneni are promoting the film in their own way, Vishwaksen is actually promoting the movie in his own style with his own team. Because the young hero wants this film to create maximum impact and make sure that his career gets a big boost.

While this is on one side, the over enthusiastic words of Vishwak Sen have not gone well with many. Though he toned down his attitude and words from Falaknuma Das' promotions, his Hit speech seems to have annoyed lot of industry people too.

Also the Meme makers who got invitations from Vishwak's team, are divided into two.  One group went to chill at the party though they complain that Vishwak did not interact with any of them, while the other group decided to stay back from attending the party as they do not want to promote a film that was not released and none of them know how the film actually is. They feel that promoting the film blindly for a drink or two, is not ethical.