Mahesh Checks His Height With Gautam

Superstar Mahesh Babu can undeniably be labelled as an all-rounder. He’s got great looks, a knack for fitness, a good actor with a profound fanbase, an ideal husband and a perfect father. Among these, his amazing bonding with his children Gautam and Sitara is a whole new intriguing story.

His inexplicable connection and rapport with kids have strengthened with every passing day like any other father and their family videos on Instagram are convincing enough to depict their beautiful bond.

As we see, many videos of Mahesh with Gautam and Sitara have popped up in this quarantine. One more video yesterday, where Mahesh is seen comparing his height with Gautam is beyond adorable.

Mahesh wrote, “A son may outgrow a father’s lap but never a father’ heart’. On Instagram, the actor shared the video where he is seen checking height with Gautam, while the latter is shying away.

Both Mahesh and Gautam are of same height today and they indeed looked like brothers rather than a father and son. Mahesh’s age-defying looks have stunned netizens and left comments on the same. Also, talking about height, though individual results may vary, it is usually understood that children will genetically inherit their height from parents.

And since Mahesh and Namrata are of good height, it is no wonder Gautam is growing into a tall, handsome lad. And, very soon, he may also be a replica of his dad, both in height and looks.

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