Naveen Polishetty’s Surprise Video Call To A Grieving Family

Jathi Ratnalu is now one of the few crowd-pleasing Telugu films in the lockdown as viewers feel that the comedy and its amazing dose of entertainment has been lifting the spirits in the crisis. In a similar vein, a netizen named Sai Smaran S tweeted to Naveen Polishetty saying that he lost a father to covid and his film Jathi Ratnalu has brought his family members some solace in these difficult times.

“My father passed away recently due to Covid19 and my mother has been in depression since then. The only thing that gave her and us some relief during this grief was your film, Jathi Ratnalu. It got my mother smile and laugh again, Thanks a lot,” the user wrote while tagging the actor. Naveen replied to the netizen immediately asking for his details and he shall surprise the family very soon. 

“Am sorry for your loss man. I know the pain of losing a loved one. Am glad my film could bring some joy to your mom. Happy mother’s day. DM me your details and I will try to surprise her,” the actor tweeted. Soon after, Naveen surprised the grieving mother with a video call. The actor has proved that film stars are indeed not completely out of touch with reality. We still have some celebs left like him who are good to their fans or do good for the world at large. 

The video call started with the actor introducing himself to the woman, despite he’s a film star. The woman said “Of course, I know you. Thank you for calling us. I had many sleepless nights and I had no rest of late. But after watching Jathi Ratnalu, I slept really well”. Naveen further tried to console her and said that her late husband is now in a better place. He further spoke to her son and assured the family that he is one of them now. ” Now consider me as your third son,” said Naveen to the woman, a mother of two sons.

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