Shocking Video Of Sonu Sood’s Phone

Sonu Sood has become the savior of migrants who have stuck away from home in the lockdown time after he put up relentless efforts by arranging buses and even special flights to reach them home safely. His gesture is applauded by the whole country and his humbleness is earning him more admirers after every day.

It can be understood how daunting a task it is to organize such a large number of migrant workers and to work on where they need to destine. The Bollywood villain-real life hero did set up a migrant helpline tollfree number which redirected the messages from people sending information on where they wanted to travel.

It is obvious that a huge number of messages are expected on that phone with a toll-free helpline number, but here is a video showing the messages and notifications literally flooding the phone. The video is leaving the folks dizzied and wondered, and finally adding much admiration towards the good deed by Sonu.

The modest Sonu takes just blessings in return for all this and then he keeps it going.

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