| | 2010-02-05

Siddharth, Padma Priya, Ankur Vikal, Vidya Malvade, Aditya Pancholi and others

Director - Chandan Arora
Producer - Chandan Arora
Banner - Studio 18
Music - Shailendra Barve, Amit Trivedi

Striker is a story of a Carrom player who grows up on the fringes of a criminal existence but does not succumb to it.

Story :

Surya (Siddharth), a young man, who is introduced to carrom by his elder brother, Chandrakant. Accuracy and skill are vital to playing the game well; attitude and confidence are crucial to win. The underground carrom scene has been gamblers for many years. Surya dreams to grab a job in Dubai. Cheated by a bogus overseas employment agency, Surya loses all his hard earned money he had saved for going to Dubai. Jaleel is a local don, who had acquired a strong hold in the area. Reintroduced to Carrom by his childhood friend Zaid (Ankur Vikal), Surya starts playing again. Being cheated of his hardearned money by the same man who had caused misery for many families; Surya decides to take on Jaleel. His patience and cool attitude are Surya's biggest strengths. But life has ways of testing even the strong. How Surya achieves the target set by him forms the rest of the tale.

Artist Performances :

Siddharth breathes life into the character of Surya. His facial expressions, dialogues and overall performance is simply remarkable. Padma Priya comes up with an decent performance. Ankur Vikal is impressive. Vidya Malvade is good. Aditya Pancholi suits the role of a local don. The rest of the cast did their roles to content.

Plus Points :


Minus Points :

Limited to a section of audience

Technical Departments :

Director by Chandan Arora is good in parts. Cinematography is of the top notch. Music is good and background score is excellent. Screenplay is good and the narration is effective. Editing was crisp.Production values of the film are good.

Analysis :

The plot of the movie sounds simple, yet the execution works far beyond simplicity. The makers didn't divulge into any unwanted sequences. The romance sequences seem to flow well with the movie. ‘Striker’ is all about life in the city of dreams in the 80's. The director and producer should be appreciated for their commitment to do a honest film.

Verdict : A serious film, which may not appeal to many!