Nagaram Nidra Potunna Vela

| | 2011-06-24

Jagapathi Babu, Charmee, Pilla Prasad, Parachuri Gopalakrishna, Chandramohan, Ahuti Prasad, Babu Mohan, Siva Reddy, Uttej and others

Director - Premraj
Producer - Nandi Srihari
Banner - Gurudeva Creations Pvt Ltd
Music - Yasho Krishna


A trash tale, the story starts with Niharika (Charmee) a journalist who wants to do real job. i.e., bring out issues in society through media and take truth to the common people. However, her boss (Ahuti Prasad) is keen on commercial returns through breaking news and TRPs. Determined, Niharika decides to spend one night going around in the city to see the real life when city sleeps. In this process, one of her pen cams accidentally records an important conversation wherein a politician (Pilla Prasad) sketches a violent plan to remove the CM and take power. The politician discovers about the pen cam and Niharika's life is in danger. On the run, Niharika comes across a guy Babu (Jagapathi Babu) a wayward man with no aim in life. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.

Artist Performances:

Jagapathi Babu had a brief role and he did his best to bring life into his character. However, given the poor etching, it was of no use. Charmee is a total misfit to this role, nothing wrong with her performance but the image of the role does not suit her. Pilla Prasad was good. Uttej was adequate. Parachuri Gopalakrishna was okay. Siva Reddy was wasted. Ahuti Prasad was not utilised properly. Babu Mohan was energetic. The others were there to fill the screen.

Plus Points:

* Intent Of The Story

Minus Points:

    * Poor Direction
    * Weak Script
    * Spineless Screenplay
    * No Comedy
    * No Entertainment
    * Overdose Of Preaching Than Reality
    * Illogical Narrative


The film suffers primarily due to a lacklustre plot and in an attempt to open the eyes of the audience, the makers successfully ended in closing the eyes. The reason for that is the boring way in which the whole thing was dealt. There was no energy in the scenes, no gripping moments, no entertainment, no depth in the emotions. Many scenes missed the mark of reality and it was looking clearly like an amateur attempt to satisfy the urge to do a cinema. At the box office, the film has strong potential to lose out.

Verdict: Nice lullaby…