Sri Rama Rajyam

| | 2011-11-17

Nandamuri Balakrishna, Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Nayantara, Srikanth, Master Gaurav, Master Dhanush, K R Vijaya, Vindoo Dara Singh, Sameer, Brahmanandam, Balayya and others

Director - Bapu
Producer - Y Sai Babu
Banner - Sri Sai Baba Pictures
Music - Ilayaraja


A delightful epic, the tale begins with the return of Rama (Balakrishna) from his victorious battle in Lanka. He is accompanied by wife Seetha (Nayantara), his brother Lakshmana (Srikanth) and Hanuman (Vindoo Dara Singh). Rama is re-crowned as king of Ayodhya and amidst that happy time, Seetha becomes pregnant. The tale takes a turn when Rama gets to hear from his spies about how a particular incident involving a washerman Tippaiah (Brahmi) suspecting his wife's fidelity fails to approach the king. His point is, how can Rama accept Seetha after she stayed at Ravana's place for such a long time. With the duty of a king, Rama sends the pregnant Seetha to the forest. She is taken into shelter by Sage Valmiki (Akkineni Nageswara Rao). Seetha delivers twins Lava-Kusa (master Gaurav, master Dhanush) and they are taught about King Rama's story by Valmiki and other skills. They come to Ayodhya and with their singing of Rama's tales, they catch the attention of the king. However, they are disappointed to know that Rama had abandoned Seetha due to the talk among public. What they don't know is they are the sons of Rama. How all that is revealed forms the rest of the story.

Artist Performances:

Balakrishna walks away with a lot of brownie points for his portrayal as Lord Rama. His love for devotional films can be seen with the dedication and hard work he has put in every frame. Who ever can do justice to the roles portrayed by NTR other than Balayya? Is there anyone who will differ with this statement? Hope not so!!!

Nayantara is a revelation in this film. You just can't imagine an actress other than her, to reprise the role of Sita after watching 'Sri Rama Rajyam'.

ANR's performance as Valmiki Maharshi is priceless. Don't expect him to go wrong with anything he does, as it never happens. He's surely one of the greatest actors India has ever produced.

The child artistes Gaurav and Dhanush put sincere efforts in their role. The rest of the cast such as Srikanth, Murali Mohan, Brahmi, Balayya, KR Vijaya etc rendered their support and added value to the film.

Everyone who worked for this film has put in their heart and soul to make it a memorable experience for the film lovers.

Plus Points:

Balayya as Lord Rama is a delight to watch

Nayantara's career best performance

Terrific Screenplay

Outstanding Visuals

Soothing Music and Excellent Background Score

Perfect Casting

Minus Points:

Nothing in particular to point out


The very essence of a mythological film brings in a different feeling to Telugu audience who have always got a special place for this genre. And if someone like Nandamuri Balakrishna is in the lead then the impact is high. True to the hype, the film is high in grandeur, visual appeal and the presentation. It has redefined the set of technical standards followed in Tollywood.

As far as execution goes, director Bapu didn't drift from his style of narration and tried to include as much as he can within the time frame. Has anyone ever thought of someone other than Balakrishna to continue the legacy of Legend NTR? Hope, not even in your wildest dreams! Balayya - Born To Be Legend!!!

Great films can be made only when great people come under one roof. Hats off to Balakrishna and Sri Rama Rajyam team for choosing a script sans commercial elements and still be a winner.

Verdict: Don't Miss It On Big Screen - A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!!!