| | 2012-03-02

Aadhi Pinisetty, Pasupathy, Dhansika, Archana Kavi, T S Kala, Singam Puli, Thirumurugan, Karikaalan, Vijayachander, Shweta Menon, Bharath, Anjali, Shruti Prakash

Director - Vasantha Balan
Producer - T Siva
Banner - Amma Creations
Music - Karthik


An unusual tale, the story is set on the backdrop of 18th century and here lives Sambayya (Pasupathy) a leader of thieves and a noted person in his village. However, his group comes into scanner as the queen's jewellery is stolen. Sambayya vows to find the real thief and he manages to trace a man. He is Chinna (Aadhi). Chinna is caught by Sambayya but his skills of stealing impress the latter. So, Chinna becomes a member of Sambayya's group. However, there is something missing about Chinna as his past is not known to anyone. Sambayya probes this and what happens from there forms the rest of the story.

Artist performances:
Aadhi Pinisetty has come up with a riveting performance and his looks are perfect. Pasupathy has given a commendable act. Dhansika looks naturally seductive and does her bit as required. Archana Kavi was brief. Singampuli was standard. Karikalan was raw. T S Kala was alright. Vijayachander was average. Thirumurugan was apt. The cameos by Bharath, Anjali, Shweta Menon proved appealing. The others contributed in their own way and added value.

Plus points:

    Aadhi and Pasupathy performances
    First half 

Minus points:

    Slow Pace
    Not contemporary subject
    Raw and realistic
    No commercial values


The film is the dubbed version of the Tamil movie 'Aravaan' and it has grabbed few eyeballs who look out for different cinema. First half of the film did live up to the expectations that the film raised with the publicity material. However, second half of the film goes at a snail pace and even the audience that prefer to watch different genres of movies will find it tough to sit through. Once again, a Tamil cinema ends up on a sad note. Its high time for the Tamil filmmakers to come out of this shell. No wonder it would garner good reviews from the Kollywood critics. However, audience reception for this movie is highly doubtful. There are many places where the momentum could have been built. Director Vasantha Balan did impress at times, but the story and screenplay let him down. Overall, this is a film that won't suit the taste of Telugu audience. So the film's fortunes at Tollywood box office don't look good.  

Verdict: Typical Tamil offbeat film that tests the patience of Telugu audience.