Andala Rakshasi

| | 2012-08-10

Rahul, Naveen Chandra, T. Lavanya and others

Director - Hanu Raghavapudi
Producer - SS Rajamouli, Sai Ko
Banner - Vaarahi chalana chitram banner
Music - Radhan

Anadala Rakshasi may not have caught the notice of our audience if SS Rajamouli didn't buy a share in it. Rajamouli was very much impressed with the movie that he bought a share in the film and his name has added great brand value to the film and no wonder Andala Rakshasi took a stunning start at the box office.

What is it about?

Gowtham (Rahul) and Surya (Naveen) fall in love with Mithuna (Lavanya). Surya constantly runs after her, while Gowtam is a silent lover. Mithuna falls for Surya and when he dies, her marriage is fixed with Gowtam after few months. Something happens in between and that is revealed in the latter half of the story.


Naveen is nice and believable. He is perfect fit to his role and his body language as a roadside awara is too good. Rahul is a weak performer. He is the weak ling among the leads. Lavanya is simply beautiful. Her beauty and performance stands out in this dull paced love story. There is nothing much to say about the remaining star cast. They did well in the roles assigned to them.

On the Technical Front:

Radhan's music is wonderful. There are very good melodies in the movie. Audio is a winner and the songs are shot well too. Background score is pretty impressive. Cinematography is another asset. Every frame is like poetry. Visually the film is so beautiful. Art department made the job easy for camera department. Editing is fine.

Production values are good. Dialogues sound dramatic most of the times. Director knows to get the best out of his crew. He imitates Mani Ratnam's style of filmmaking and character etching. He could have written better script for his debut.


            Andala Rakshasi is a tragic tale of love. It is about a girl caught between two guys that are madly in love with her. There is nothing great about the plot and the narration is very weak. Director didn't have a clue about how to start this love story. After the initial hiccups it gets on track, but doesn't move at all.

Snail paced screenplay starts to get on your nerves within no time. Rahul's performance makes the situation ever worse. There is not a single scene that steals your heart in the first hour. Even the conversations are utterly boring. There is a very good twist at the interval point and movie shows some promise in the second hour.

Things get better as the characters on screen are happy. But the happiness of audiences is short lived as the director chooses to end this film on a tragic note. Despite the tragic ending, Andala Rakshasi fails to generate sympathy over the characters. This is mainly due to the bad screenplay.

Director failed to give logical explanation for choosing 1990s backdrop and there are many loose ends. Andala Rakshasi, which looked like a promising romantic film prior to release ends up as a disappointing fare. Initial buzz should help the film to fetch some collections, but the reaction from audiences suggests that it will struggle in the coming days.

Verdict:  Andala Rakshasi is a 'painful' love story!