| | 2012-08-24

Allari Naresh, Monal Gajjar, Brahamanandam, MS Narayana, Jayaprakash Reddy and others

Director - Bheemaneni Srinivas Rao
Producer - Chandra Sekhar Reddy
Banner - Arundathy Movies
Music - Sri Vasanth

Sudigadu made it clear with the promos and posters that is a spoof on Telugu cinemas and audience should have been aware of what it offers. Sudigadu promised a hilarious roller coaster ride and most importantly '100 films on one ticket'. So did it deliver and live up to it? Check out...

What is it about?

Shiva (Allari Naresh) is born with six pack abs and is blessed with super powers. No, he is not a super hero. He is just a person who has all the super human qualities of a Telugu cinema hero. Despite of all the powers, he couldn't win Priya's (Monal Gajjar) love. He had to learn classical dance and win the first prize in a reality show to get her. Nothing comes easy to our 'Telugu hero' and then starts the real fight with few twists thrown in to the comedy cocktail!


Imitating other heroes and making fun of popular movie scenes in not new to Allari Naresh. He does that in every alternate film. But this time he was thrown into a film where he needs to do that endlessly. He just walked through the film effortlessly and showed why he has become very popular as comedy hero. Naresh exhibited his dancing skills too. This film is the biggest challenge for him and he came out in flying colors.

It is Naresh's one man show throughout. Brahmanandam can never be left out though. He is very good in this film. He excelled in few scenes that will have you in splits. Heroine Monal Gajjar doesn't know to emote. Just a pretty face. Nothing to write about her performance. Rest of the star cast did their job. Posani Krishna Murali particularly impressive in this.

On the Technical Front:

Technically the film is okay. There is nothing much to rave about. Music is a damp squib. Music composer couldn't make the songs work. Songs are real speed breakers for this film. Cinematography is alright. Editing is poor in second half. Dialogues are good in some sequences.

Director Bheemaneni Srinivasa Rao never did an out and out comedy film before. There were few hilarious scenes in his films like Suswagatam and Subhakankshalu though. He has challenged himself to direct this full-fledged spoof and did just an okay job with it. Few scenes worked, but on a whole director's sense of humor is not enough to match the needs.


Sudigadu may work at the box office as the buzz is too much for a small film. The film got spectacular opening everywhere. It would easily beat the previous best openings of Allari Naresh by a huge margin. So, who all invested in the film will be happy.

As a film Sudigadu is not up to the mark. It may entertain if you go with almost nil expectations. It has started off well, but lost the steam in the midway. Constant spoofing is not an easy task. Viewers will get bored if the pun doesn't work. That is exactly what happened in Sudigadu. There are few laugh out loud scenes in the film. The spoof of Shiva and Omkar dance shows will bring the house down.

Sudigadu first half is breezy despite few hiccups in the middle. Second half was dragged too much. Director took his tagline seriously and really tried hard to spoof hundred films in this movie. That made the film very lengthy and the main problem is most of them didn't work. Comedy film can be entertaining as long as the humor works. Sudigadu turns boring towards the end.

It may not enjoy long run due to these negative factors. Also it won't be remembered as the comedy misfired at many instances. Saying so, Allari Naresh's films with weaker content have done well in the past. So Sudigadu should do better as it grabbed many eyeballs.

Verdict:  Sudigadu works in bits and pieces!