| | 2012-11-11

Prince, Sri Divya and others

Director - Maruthi
Producer - Bellamkonda Suresh
Banner - Sri lakshmi Narasimha Productions
Music - JB

Ee Rojullo has set a new trend in Tollywood, which has encouraged many small filmmakers to go after doing youthful films with contemporary situations. Maruti, the director of Ee Rojullo is back with yet another film that falls in this category. This time he had a better financial support and better equipment. So, naturally the output is far more qualitative and impressive. But what about the content?

What is it about?

Srinu and Sailu (Prince and Sri Divya) are childhood friends who madly fall in love with each other. However, their parents don't agree to their love. As a result they get separated from parents and how and when they know the value of parents is the crux of this story. There are many more sub plots and parallel tracks to this story.


Prince is Okay as the urban college going youth. He has improved a lot from his first outing Neeku Naaku Dash Dash. He could do better. Sri Divya is alright as the female lead. She doesn't have features of a heroine, but she do looks good in saris. On the performance front she is dead weak.

Rao Ramesh played a character which is like main pillar to this film. He is fine. His sudden variations in expressions and dialog modulation are a treat. Sai of Ee Rojullo fame has done fantabulous job. Although there is so much sleaze in his track, his immaculate timing will make you fall in love with him. He is surely a talent to watch out for. Rest of the star cast are average at best.

On the Technical Front:

Dialogues written by Maruti are hilarious at times despite double entendre. There are few sharp, hard hitting dialogs towards the end. Nice job overall. Editing and Cinematography are alright and the music is more than enough. JB's work stands out in this small film. Quality of the film is neat.

Director Maruti has mastered current youthful feelings and reactions. He has done enough study to make movies that represent today's youth. He has come a long way as a director from his first outing. He has improved a lot in various departments.


If you have liked Ee Rojullo, chances are high for you to end up liking this flick. Director Maruti has chosen a different premise for this film, but he made sure that soul of Ee Rojullo remains intact. Saying so the situations and characters are entirely different, thus making it a decent watch.

First half of the film breezes off even before you notice. There is a good interval bang and later the graph dips a bit. However director lifted it by putting a lengthy entertaining scene to grab the attention back. Climax is emotional and is shot well.

Director has heavily banked upon vulgarity and sleaze. That is the biggest drawback of this film. So Bus Stop will be restricted for youngsters. Director could have made this a wholesome entertainer by reducing adult stuff in many scenes. Despite the setbacks, this film will surely mint money at the box office due to its content and comedy.

Verdict: Adult comedy that strikes right chords with target audiences.