| | 2013-03-29

Brahmanandam, Ali, Vennela Kishore and others

Director - Vennela Kishore
Producer - Ramesh Varma
Banner - Multidimension Entertainments
Music - Anup Rubens

Jaffa starring Brahmanandam in the lead role was released today. Vennela Kishore who earlier directed Vennela 1.5 wielded the mega phone for this film.

What is it about?

Jasmine Faluda alias Jaffa (Brahmanandam) is imprisoned as one of his colleagues commits suicide by writing his name as the reason. Now Jaffa's only aim is to get out of the jail. He implements an idea to get out of jail and the hunt is on for him. In this process Jaffa helps police to nap a kidney mafia gang.

Brahmanandam has nothing much to do except for putting up his trademark expressions to make the audiences laugh. He is one of the rare comedians who can make people laugh without doing anything. Kishore relied on Brahmanandam's craze and the man tried to bail this film out using his skills. But the lackluster script and senseless screenplay didn't help him much. Ali and others are strictly alright. The director in Vennela Kishore couldn't even make use of an actor in him. Sad!


This film is made on ultra low budget with minimum resources. However the cinematographer and music director did well with the cinematography and background score. Editing is haywire. Production values are ok. Vennela Kishore's direction is pretty bad. He has once again penned a pointless script and made hell of an attempt to tickle the audiences. His comedic scenes hardly works. Vennela Kishore is a decent actor and he should continue to be one. Direction is not his cup of tea. His type of madcap entertainers don't suit the tastes of our audiences. Although he has made a better attempt than his first film, he is simply not a director. He should stay away from the megaphone for his benefit.

This is one of the films which would test the reviewers skills as one would be left in a state of dilemma of where to start and what to analyze. This is absolute pointless film with senseless comedy. Only people who could laugh out loud by seeing Brahmanandam on screen can enjoy this.

First half is crazy and second half is sheer torture. Last half an hour is painful as hell. At one point even the director has no clue about how to end the film. After few bizarre and erratic comedy scenes Jaffa somehow manages to climax and we would thank heavens for making it happen.

Jaffa is a stupid film that should be forgotten soon after you step out of the theaters. This is a film where your friends and family should be saved from going to. So better stay as far as you could from this Jaffa. Producer should build a temple for Brahmanandam as he is the sole reason for thumping openings all over.

Verdict: A film by 'Jaffa' Kishore!